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Thank you for choosing to visit DFM & Associates!  We are a full-service legal search-and-staffing firm with a history that dates back to 1981.  During the past 38 years, DFM & Associates has proudly offered its expertise with staff-support recruiting for boutique law offices, national law firms, Fortune 500 companies, start-up businesses, and in-house legal departments.   

Every staff-support professional sourced by DFM & Associates has been meticulously vetted and interviewed to ensure specific talents and experience-levels generate a ‘customized fit’ for our varied clientele.  We promote permanent, contract, and temporary law office staff-support opportunities and utilize an individualized recruitment approach to fill industry-specific positions.   

Perhaps your law office, firm, or in-house legal department requires staff-support to assist with the intricacies of Mergers & Acquisitions, Trusts & Estates, Information Technology, Bankruptcy, or a different legal field – if so, allow us to help.  Or, perhaps, you desire new talent to fill your accounting & finance, technology, administration, human resources, or marketing department.  DFM’s candidates cater to a hugely-diverse support-needs arena.  DFM candidates are polished professionals who possess stellar academic backgrounds as well as creative, competitive mindsets that provide the backdrop for successful placement.

Additionally, DFM takes pain-staking efforts to source staff-support candidates with personalities that can easily acclimate to a business’s unique culture.  It’s about evaluating skills, experiences, and paradigms to ensure positive outcomes for our candidates as well as our clients.  When our candidates and clients succeed, it is due to DFM not offering one-size-fits-all solutions but, rather, the-size-you-need solutions. 

Relationship-driven Success

At DFM, we maintain close relationships with our pool of staff-support candidates – we have a vested interest in keeping their varied talents, experiences, and goals at the forefront.  This is vital since we, continually, collaborate with our clients to stay abreast of their hiring-placement needs.  By remaining acutely aware of our candidates’ professional and personal attributes, DFM is in a position to provide that perfect match between candidate and employer, even at a moment’s notice.

DFM’s individualized approach promotes innovative and flexible hiring solutions.  More than simply offering a suite of staff-support services, DFM places paramount importance on end results.  At DFM & Associates, we want you to experience more than just a filled staff-support position – we want you and your team to experience a significant and positive impact because of it.  For DFM, that result becomes personal because when our candidates succeed, our clients succeed and so does DFM – it’s a win-win-win.

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Call 214-265-5580 regarding any inquiries you might have.  We will address them, promptly!  DFM & Associates has the experience and skills to deliver the hiring solutions you need!  Our clients believe we are the best in the industry since DFM provides them with top-notch staff-support professionals who make a notable difference in managerial, professional, and administrative roles! 

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