Law Office Staff Support Recruiter Serving Dallas

Law Office Staff Support Recruiter Serving Dallas

Thank you for visiting DFM & Associates!  We are a full-service staff-support recruiting firm offering hiring solutions for law offices and in-house legal departments in the Dallas area.  With insight and expertise that spans more than 3 decades, DFM is positioned to provide the caliber of knowledge and experience you would expect and demand when it comes to securing exceptional staff-support professionals. 

Our recruitment process for top-tier staff support is exhaustive to ensure we offer high-energy, success-driven personalities.  Our fine-tuned search capabilities source candidates who show adaptability and flexibility to align with any law office’s unique culture, and our employment solutions range from permanent, contract, and temporary law-office staff support.

Our Candidates are Exceptional

DFM & Associates utilizes an individualized approach to garner diverse staff support to fill industry-specific positions.  Our business-savvy candidates come with a wide range of support capabilities that cater to Litigation, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Trusts & Estates, Labor & Employment, and more.  Be assured our professionals are exceptional!  Our highly-vetted candidates are self-motivated with the ability to work well independently and within a team environment. 

The dynamics of any given law office can change predictably or unpredictably.  Our pool of staff-support professionals is well versed in this reality and come with the ability to identify changing levels of urgency and prioritize tasks and deadlines to accommodate the ebb and flow within any law-office environment.

DFM & Associates recognizes the critical contributions staff support brings to the law-office table.  This is why we recruit only outstanding individuals who are committed to excellence – DFM & Associates cannot afford to settle for anything less, and we know you can’t, either.      

Results Through Relationships

Part of DFM’s success with its staff-support placement lies with recognizing the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with our candidates – this is vital.  We know each candidate’s talents which helps us to ‘tailor-fit’ the needs of our clients.  With the many complex tasks that are required in law offices today, having staff-support members who bring deeper expertise in certain task areas can prove to be a huge benefit to any law office environment.  Our team of search, placement, and staffing experts is among the best in the industry, and sourcing individuals who are nothing but the best is always our gold standard. 

DFM & Associates maintains its relationships with boutique law offices, large law firms, Fortune 500 companies, smaller corporations, and start-up businesses.  We, continually, collaborate with our clients to remain current regarding their employment availabilities within human resources, IT, finance & accounting, marketing departments, and more.

At DFM, we feel we have set the industry standard by continually providing superior staff-support

candidates who become valuable assets for their employers.  Also, through DFM, law offices save valuable time because we spend our time to save your time! 

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