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You have reached DFM & Associates, and we extend a hearty welcome!  We are a full-service legal search-and-staffing firm with passionate team members who source highly-qualified staff-support professionals.  We help position our candidates within boutique law offices, large law firms, in-house legal departments, start-up businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Since 1981, DFM’s mission has been to source highly-trained staff-support specialists who possess an innate drive to achieve as well as a passion for their profession – candidates who demonstrate promise to become valuable assets to any legal venue.  Some of our candidates are those who wish to explore new opportunities in their careers.  Gleaning top-tier staff support is accomplished through DFM’s industry-recognized team of executive search, placement, and staffing consultants.  We ensure our intensely-vetted staff-support candidates demonstrate qualifications that warrant being considered the ‘best of the best’.  These knowledgeable individuals offer a plethora of aptitudes and abilities to meet the varying requisites of virtually any law-office setting.

You want talent that will positively impact the health and success of your organization – DFM & Associates can help accomplish that due to our many candidates who are familiar with a vast array of legal specialties including Real Estate, IT, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Intellectual Properties, and more.  DFM offers diverse staffing opportunities – permanent, contract, or temporary – to fit the ever-changing needs of any organization.

At times, interim talent is necessary at a moment’s notice, and at DFM, we can swiftly identify skilled staff support to meet immediate requirements.  Perhaps, you are searching for staff to help support your administrative, technological, financial, or marketing department, but regardless of the size or scope of your law office, or the size of your budget, DFM can help!         

We’re In This, Together!

DFM & Associates aligns with and collaborates with the surrounding legal community.  Our placement specialists offer candidates who demonstrate the potential to become highly-valued assets, within an organization.  In so doing, DFM proudly adheres to the highest standards of ethics and excellence.   

At DFM, we are intensely aware of the importance of becoming personally acquainted with our staff-support contenders as well as maintaining cohesiveness, with them.  This ensures our capacity to customize, as much as possible, the partnerships between our candidates and our clients.  You want staff-support professionals who demonstrate familiarity with your area of legal expertise as well as being able to easily acclimate to your office’s unique culture.  DFM meets those needs through intense screening and interviewing processes.  DFM provides what our clients want, and our candidates want what our clients provide – we’re in this together!    

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Call 214-265-5580 regarding any inquiries you might have.  We will address them, promptly!  DFM has the resources, experience, and insight to assist you in finding just the right candidate for that niche position.  Our elite staff-support professionals have what it takes to become highly-valued team members for your law office or firm.   

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