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Searching for top-tier law-office staff support can be an exhausting endeavor – but your search ends here!  Hello, we are DFM & Associates, a full-service legal search-and-staffing firm.  Any successful law office must be embedded with the best, possible, staff support to ensure the compiling, analyzing, organizing, preparing, drafting, facilitating, and tracking gets done, right!  With staff support assisting with written reports, files, legal arguments, and more it can’t be argued that law offices couldn’t survive without these indispensable team members.  After all, a law office that runs like a fine-tuned engine is due to a coordinated team effort.

At DFM & Associates, we fully understand how critical it is to not just utilize reliable staff support, but find staff-support mindsets that align with and enhance the law office’s culture.  We consider this to be vitally important since a healthy culture leads to successful employee engagement, optimized performance, and the attainment of strategic goals.  An organization’s attitudes, beliefs, and values need to be in sync and embraced by all.  At DFM, our staff-support candidates are ready to become engaged with the philosophy, mission, and vision your law office promotes.   

Additionally, staff support personalities must exude proficiency, superb communication skills, self-motivation, self-confidence, diplomacy, and a willingness to adapt to inevitable changes within the work environment.  These are the traits of DFM’s highly-qualified law office staff-support candidates.   

DFM’s candidates can fill permanent, contract, and temporary positions.  Dallas law offices benefit from DFM’s 30-plus years of seasoned expertise with securing staff-support for law firms of all sizes as well as in-house legal departments.  Our ambitious candidates possess a myriad of niche skill sets – a ‘tailored fit’ is always our goal for candidate and employer.  Whether your Dallas law office specializes in Litigation, Real-Estate, Securities, Intellectual Properties, or another legal arena, DFM’s exclusive pool of talent is fully equipped to meet your needs.   

Success Breeds Success

DFM & Associates is known for its industry-leading team of executive search, placement, and staffing consultants.  From boutique law offices and large law firms to start-up businesses and Fortune 500 companies, DFM & Associates positions polished professionals within every tier of the legal arena.   

We understand the critical importance of building long-term relationships with our candidates.  This helps to ensure the most-successful placements between job-seeker and employer.  The success of matching our candidates with our clients is revealed in DFM’s insight and more-than-three-decades of expertise. 

After it’s all said and done, integrating DFM & Associates into your hiring process can noticeably reduce your time to hire as well as your law office’s attrition rate.  Our collaborative efforts, our customized search methodologies that take place on a local and national level, and our recruitment plans have placed hundreds of professionals in law offices and in-house legal departments.

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