Law Office Staff-Support Staffing Company Serving Dallas

Law Office Staff-Support Staffing Company – Serving Dallas

Hello – you have reached DFM & Associates, and we welcome you!  Finding first-class staff support for a law office or an in-house law department may not, necessarily, be an easy endeavor if one were to do it, alone.  At DFM & Associates, our focus is offering placement solutions for boutique law offices, large law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and start-up businesses that require highly-skilled staff-support professionals.  Whether our clients request permanent, contract, or temporary placements, DFM takes great measures to ensure the matches we facilitate between our candidates and our clients generate optimal fulfillment and success for all, involved.

New regulations, advances in technology, increasing caseloads, niche areas of law practice, and an array of other variables have fueled the demand for an expansive range of staff-support talent.  Specialized areas of law require specialized skill sets from highly-trained staff-support individuals.  It is DFM’s relentless goal to source only top-tier staff-support talent that will help promote a law office’s culture, proficiency and success.

Our Candidates are Specialized and Highly Adaptable 

Your area of specialization might be Litigation, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, or another arena – DFM has you covered with select candidates who are eager to offer their expertise in these areas, and more.  Then, again, you may require staff-support solutions to generate productivity within your marketing, human resources, or IT department.  Whatever your need may be, DFM offers over 30 years of experience which is fundamental to precisely match our candidates with our clients’ specific requisites.  DFM is acutely aware that the successes behind the candidate/client partnerships we create, determine our success.  We are confident our candidates’ repertoires will become your windfall.

DFM places critical importance on our candidates having the ability to seamlessly align with any law office’s unique culture.  This is a vital component since the culture defines the work environment – its feel and ambiance.  Business culture has the ability, also, to generate the level of employee morale and, ultimately, the business’s productivity and success.  This is part of the reason our staff-support candidates are intensely vetted and meticulously interviewed – we don’t just fill positions, we fit personalities for any law office environment.

DFM Connects and Collaborates    

Our recruiting experts tightly align themselves with the legal community, locally and nationally.  We engage in shared strategies which generate results-driven outcomes.  We, continually, strive to be the best in this very demanding, very competitive staffing-solutions industry.  We feel our candidates reflect our placement specialists’ uncompromising standards of excellence.  DFM will continue to meticulously source, exhaustively screen, and carefully deploy only those candidates who demonstrate the potential to positively impact an organization.  In the end, what emerges is a win-win-win outcome for our candidates, our clients, and DFM.   

Give Us A Call!

Call 214-265-5580 regarding any inquiries you might have.  We will address them, promptly!  Whether you are a client or a potential candidate, we invite you to contact us to learn what sets DFM & Associates apart from the rest of the pack.  As they say, If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.  The view with DFM & Associates is clear and unencumbered!

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