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When you want the best results, you must utilize the best solutions – and that is where DFM & Associates makes its grand entrance.  For more than 30 years, we have served as a full-service legal search and staffing firm specializing in facilitating permanent, contract, and temporary legal hiring opportunities.  We serve law firms as well as in-house legal departments within corporations and businesses.

As the saying goes:  Leaders think and talk about the solutions.  Followers think and talk about the problems.  Not only does DFM think and talk about solutions for filling lawyer positions, we, quite frankly, are the solution.  The word ‘tailor-fit’ becomes operative, here, because DFM & Associates specializes in tailor-fitting highly-skilled legal professionals to fill niche requirements.  From Mergers & Acquisitions, Trusts & Estates,  Information Technology, Bankruptcy, and more, DFM & Associates supports long-term relationships with a pool of bright-minded candidates who represent an expansive swath of legal practice areas.  Our intensely-vetted recruits offer industry-specific expertise along with a passion for their craft.         

Expect the Best – Embrace the Best

DFM & Associates is extremely proud of its industry-recognized team of search, placement, and staffing professionals.  You will not find a more ambitious group of seasoned experts who work in-sync to source lawyer candidates of the highest caliber.  Whether we collaborate with boutique law firms, large law firms, Fortune 500 Companies, or start-up businesses, we continually position our chosen candidates to serve within every stratum of the legal field – from Partner, Senior Associate, and Associate to General Counsel, In-House Counsel, and Practice Groups.   

At DFM, we build and maintain rapport and close relationships with our candidates.  Each professional has undergone intense scrutinization, and each has presented a detailed summation of his or her respective career goals.  DFM & Associates delivers – our clients expect the best, and we deliver the best!  Our firm’s unquestioned reputation runs parallel with the critical decisions and choices we make for our candidates and for our clients.   

It’s About Passion and Diligence

DFM’s collaboration, search criteria, recruitment plans, and executed searches – on a local and national level –  have opened doors for hundreds of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and staff support who have become ambition-driven team-members in law firms and in-house legal departments.  DFM’s individualized approach nurtures diverse staffing to meet the expected ebb and flow of ever-changing company dynamics.  Our objective is to ensure our current and future candidates receive the positions they desire, while our clients welcome the individual talents and embrace them as prized assets. 

It requires an intense amount of time and effort to become an expert within the legal-market arena.  Legal recruiting is a very sophisticated and serious business, and for the team at DFM & Associates, it serves as our on-going passion.  As we continue to establish relationships with attorneys, law firms, and corporations, we remain ever-vigilant of the culture within each entity to ensure we are always up-to-date concerning all levels of any business climate.   We maintain a deep institutional knowledge covering a myriad of legal fields where our heart and soul remain smack-dab in the middle of it all.

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