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Thank you for choosing to visit DFM & Associates!  We are a full-service legal search and staffing firm which offers a wealth of knowledge and fine-tuned expertise that spans more than 3 decades.  Lawyer recruitment is an extremely demanding niche market where sound wisdom, savvy insight, high energy, and success-driven personalities make it all happen – and those qualities hold true for every elite professional embedded in our company.  We specialize in promoting permanent, contract, and temporary legal hiring opportunities for law firms of all sizes as well as in-house legal departments, within corporations and businesses.

It has been said that one’s success is not determined by the outcome but, rather, the outcome is determined by an already-existing success paradigm.  This is true of DFM & Associates.  Our more-than-30-years of experience translates into predictably-productive lawyer-placement results which reflect our success not being determined by the outcome but, rather, our outcome being predetermined by our history of success.  DFM’s individualized approach results in diverse staffing solutions to fill industry-specific positions and meet the ever-changing dynamics of any given organization, at any given time. 

Whether you are searching for lawyers to address the legal intricacies involved in Mergers & Acquisitions, Trusts & Estates, Information Technology, Bankruptcy, or a different legal field, DFM & Associates’ top-tier candidates meet the requisites of a hugely-diverse legal-needs arena.  DFM realizes the vital importance of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our gifted candidates who are intensely vetted and possess a deep understanding of industry-specific skills and requisites.  

Rapport, Relationships, and Results

DFM builds and maintains rapport and close relationships with our pool of select candidates, and each has undergone intense scrutinization.  They are ready to serve within a vast array of niche compartments within the legal field.  Our industry-respected team of search, placement, and staffing professionals is second-to-none.  They continually collaborate with boutique law firms, larger law firms, Fortune 500 Companies, smaller corporations, and start-up businesses to provide that perfect match between candidate and employer.

Whether available staff positions deal with Partner, Senior Associate, Associate, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, or Practice Groups, DFM uses its legal contacts, locally and nationally, to optimize successful placement.  DFM & Associates’ goal is to deliver candidates that will enhance the profitability and productivity of a law firm or in-house legal department while comfortably aligning with the established culture.  At DFM & Associates, we spend our time to save your time! 

It Boils Down to ‘Suitable’ vs ‘Superior’

DFM & Associates is directly responsible for filling critical job positions for hundreds of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and staff support, and the doors of opportunity remain wide open.  DFM’s individualized approach ensures innovative and flexible hiring solutions where diverse candidates are fully prepared to navigate the changing legal landscape and stay abreast of the industry’s latest trends.  At DFM, we feel we have set the industry standard which translates into optimized candidate experiences that drive optimal outcomes for employers.  With DFM & Associates, you will never have to settle for ‘suitable’ since nothing less than ‘superior’ courses through our veins.   

Legal recruiting is extremely complex and sophisticated, but the diverse and distinct challenges embedded in the legal market simply whet our appetite for more as we continue to recruit top-level talent.  So, what lies at the intersection of your needs and goals, and our knowledge and expertise?  The perfect hire, of course!

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