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Hello – you have reached DFM & Associates, and we welcome you!  Searching for a full-service legal search and staffing firm may feel overwhelming but we, at DFM & Associates, can assure you that you have no need to look any further.  We fully realize you want top-tier law professionals embedded in your law firm or your company’s in-house legal department, and that is, exactly, what we are ready to offer you.  Part of the reason we are so confident about making that claim is the fact that DFM is backed by more than 3 dedicated decades of sourcing highly-ambitious lawyer candidates.  Our pool of elite recruits offer polished skill sets in a vast array of legal practice areas – from Litigation, Bankruptcy, Labor & Employment to Information Technology, Securities, Intellectual Properties, and more. 

DFM covers an impressive swath of niche areas of legal practice where our tenacious candidates are not only ready to meet your legal requisites, but would serve as a tailored fit for your organization’s culture.  Clashes of culture mind-sets can, literally, end legal careers which is why DFM places emphasis on that often-overlooked detail.  As a result, our recruits are selected, accordingly, in order to optimize the success of the new relationship between candidate and employer.           

DFM & Associates WILL Meet Your Legal Needs

Settling for less-than-the-best is not what any firm, business or corporation should ever, ever contemplate!  Finding the best talent for your very specific legal needs doesn’t have to be a challenge since DFM & Associates offers far more than filling vacancies.  Our recruiting experts tightly align themselves with the legal community, locally and nationally, where becoming engaged in shared strategies generates results-driven outcomes.  We, collectively, have to bring our best game forward with a paradigm that goes far beyond satisfying the “I need a person to fill this vacancy” mantra.   

DFM candidates reflect our placement specialists’ uncompromising standards of excellence.  DFM will meticulously source, exhaustively screen, and insightfully deploy only those individuals who demonstrate the potential to become movers and shakers within an organization.

It doesn’t matter if you represent a boutique law firm or a mega counterpart – a Fortune 500 Company or a start-up business – our candidates have filled legal positions within all of these entities.  We offer diversified staffing opportunities – permanent, contract, and temporary –  at every level of the legal organization including Partner, Senior Associate, Associate, General Counsel, In-House Counsel, and Practice Groups. 

At DFM, we are very cognizant of how critical it is to become intimately acquainted with our candidates as well as glean a clear and comprehensive overview of each individual’s career objectives.  It is, then, that we recommend our ‘brightest stars’ to bridge the gap between ‘lawyer contender’ and ‘established colleague’.  Bottom line:  DFM’s reputation rests on our ability to recruit the best-of-the-best.  In the end, what emerges is a win-win-win outcome for our candidates, our clients, and our own company.   

Success Breeds Success

Our firm’s coverage of a multitude of practice areas has allowed us to place hundreds of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and staff support in law firms and in-house legal departments.  Our service-oriented approach and our critical collaboration with attorneys, law firms, and corporations has proven, time and time again, to be highly successful.  But it’s not just our success that matters; it’s the success of every every candidate we promote and every client we embrace.  It is a cycle of success that incorporates the need, the drive, the journey, and the reward – we all win!   

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